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Casaus likely to testify in his own defense Friday

Former APD Sgt. Adam Casaus is "Anadrol 50" expected to take the stand tomorrow in his own defense in the trial in which he is accused of running a red light and killing a young woman.

Thursday, Casaus defense team again went after the details not recorded by investigators at the scene.

The jury also heard a recorded interview from Casaus himself. The recording is of Casaus speaking to Bernalillo County Sheriff investigator Leonard Armijo only hours after the crash Sustanon 250 In Saudi Arabia that killed Browder.

"There no radio transmission from Sgt. Casaus," Armijo testified. "There also no dispatch transmission from the Albuquerque "Anadrol 50" dispatch center advising of any call for service in the area."

Casaus claims he was pursuing a possible drunk driver when the crash happened.

"I engaged the emergency equipment and began to accelerate to try to catch up to it," Casaus said in his taped interview.

He Australian Levitra described the car as black, with tall LED tail lights.

Armijo testified a car in the area did match Winstrol A Prolaktyna that description the black Cadillac driven by the mother of 16 year old Leonard Silva, which was stopped at the intersection at the time of the crash. Silva testified in the case Wednesday, saying he never heard a siren coming from Casaus vehicle.

Casaus defense attorney, John D "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" has repeatedly questioned investigators about details left out of Sustanon 250 Injection Frequency the investigation, including whether Lindsay Browder had Comprar Viagra her headlights on.

Armijo testified Thursday that Browder headlights were on, but also said there was an eyewitness to the crash who got away.

D also asked if investigators ever checked either driver cell phone to see if they may have been texting at the time of impact, raising more questions about the work of investigators.